Video calling

Loopel proactively engages with the latest technologies to be able to pioneer customer support services in the UK, always staying one step ahead of the market.

Our dedicated customer contact specialists use video call to provide a friendly face to your brand and engage more with your customers. We offer the following video services for your business needs:

  • Customer contact centre
  • Brand strengthening
  • Visual product promotion
  • Face to face service

At Loopel, we believe giving your customers choice. It is key for a positive customer experience and so we let your customers contact our dedicated team via email, live web chat, telephone and video call.

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Frequently asked questions
Your dedicated assistant works closely with you to create positive and enduring relationships with your customers. Helping you to run a smoother, more customer-orientated and connected business.

How do I put video chat onto my website?

We give you a simple piece of code to add to your website. There you go all set up.

Can your video chat team wear my companies uniform?

Sure, we do that for some of our current clients.

Can I put my companies logo on a banner behind the Loopel video chat agent so my customer sees my logo?

Yes we do that for some of our current customers.

What hours are you open?

We are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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Our people, your team. Our UK based people step in when your in-house team is either busy, unavailable, or if you are facing high-demand. We help you to keep your customers satisfied with friendly, professional, and hassle-free customer contact solutions.

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How can Loopel help your business

With Loopel, you can pick from a unique selection of services from telephone answering, 24/7 call handling, live web chat, social media engagement,telemarketing and fulfilment. Contact us to find out how Loopel can help your business.

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