We believe that valuing people, integrating technology and offering the widest range of flexible services produces the highest quality multi-channel centre in the UK.

Below is an example of contact centre teams support local charities.

Valuing honesty

We deliver what we say.

Establishing trust starts with honest business practices. We believe working openly and fluidly with our customers is the first step to long-term productive and quality relationships.

We are a 24/7 multi-channel contact centre based in Manchester. We work closely with you so that the services we provide are completely in line with your values and expectations.

Connecting People

People are the foundation for any healthy and successful business.

We recruit the right people and invest in time, training, and tools to help our team be the best at supporting your customers. We then carefully choose an account manager for every company we work with, so that we offer dedicated and tailored support services.

We are an inclusive, Living Wage Foundation employer and offer industry leading people benefit packages to retain the best talent on the market.

Integrating technology

We understand that state-of-the-art technologies create seamless operations.

Our dedicated I.T experts develop in-house software that is built to adapt around your requirements and smoothly integrate into your business structure.

We believe smoothly integrating technology into each project provides the necessary tools for consistent and quality customer engagement.

Creating cost efficiency

We offer the widest range of customer support solutions on the UK contact centre market because we believe flexibility creates real cost efficiency.

With Loopel, you can pick from a unique selection of services, including telephone answering, 24/7 call handling, live chat, video chat, social media management, telemarketing, SMS marketing and product fulfilment to name just a few. We then design a bespoke package that completely merges with your business plans and customer requirements.

Frequently asked questions

Your dedicated Loopel account manager works closely with you to create positive and enduring relationships with your customers. Helping you to run a smoother, more customer-orientated and connected business.

Where are you based?

Loopel is has two UK based contact centres, one based in Manchester and the other just outside Cambridge. To make sure we are never closed we operate across two contact centres 24 hours a day at both centres for business continuity.

What hours are you open?

Loopel is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

What makes Loopel different?

We are the first UK based true multichannel contact centre.
We are are proud of the people that make Loopel. They will go out of their way for a customer in return we reward them with a market leading benefits package to say thank you.
In short it is our in house built and maintained software, our contact centres, and most importantly our talented people at Loopel that brings you more choice, better quality and happier customers.

Do you use homeworkers?

No. We never will. We want to make sure our talented team experience the way of life at Loopel.
The only way to do that is for them to work at the great offices we have built for them.
Our staff retention rate is one of the highest in the industry for a reason.

Who owns Loopel?

Loopel is a family owned business, and proud of it.
Our team are treated like family too, we see the many values of keeping the talent at Loopel and it’s not just about how much you pay. Our talent rewards package is one of the main reasons why we are an employer of choice.

Are you GDPR compliant?

Yes. Keeping your data safe and within GDPR regulations is always our main priority.

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Our people, your team. Our UK based people step in when your in-house team is either busy, unavailable, or if you are facing high-demand. We help you to keep your customers satisfied with friendly, professional, and hassle-free customer contact solutions.

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How can Loopel help your business

With Loopel, you can pick from a unique selection of services from telephone answering, 24/7 call handling, live web chat, social media engagement,telemarketing and fulfilment. Contact us to find out how Loopel can help your business.

Think People, Think Technology, Think Loopel