Customer Contact Team

Our people step in when your in-house team is busy, unavailable, or experiencing over-demand. We help you to keep your customers satisfied with friendly, professional, and hassle-free 24/7 call handling services.

We adapt around your business so that our people become an integral part of your team. Each of our brand ambassadors are always on hand to support you with:

  • Basic message taking
  • Live web chat
  • E-commerce sales and customer service
  • Out of hours enquiries and customer service
  • Switchboard support
  • Fault report lines
  • Facility management request calls
  • Technical support helplines
  • Customer service support
  • Sales enquiries
  • Lone worker safety calls
  • First line technical support
  • TV campaign sales and customer service calls

  • Charity donation management
  • TV campaign responses
  • Brochure requests
  • Appointment bookings
  • Customer survey feedback
  • Manufacture recall service lines
  • Emergency call out booking and dispatch
  • Accident and incident reporting and management
  • FNOL – First Notice of Loss
  • Escalation calls
  • Product recall campaigns
  • DRTV response

We also offer dedicated experienced teams who deal with specific sectors, including: Automotive, Estate and Letting agencies, Veterinary ,Legal, Healthcare, Facility management and E-Commerce.

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Frequently asked questions
Our brand ambassadors work closely with you to create positive and enduring relationships with your customers. Helping you to run a smoother, more customer-orientated and connected business.

With Loopel we make sure you never miss another call

What hours can you provide a team for my company in your contact centre?

We are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Do you answer all of my calls?

Your in full control, so you can divert either all of your calls or just the ones when your busy.

My calls are not always simple is that a problem?

That’s no problem, we can can calls that are very simple to calls where we need to then send out engineers, or try to fix customers products over the phone with them.
Just let us know how you would like us to handle your calls.

Do I have to sign a long term contract?

No- we want you to be a valued customer because you want to be, not because you have to.
We ask for a 3 month minimum contract then after we ask for a months notice from the date of your next invoice to close your account.

Can your team use my system and software?

We can integrate with most systems and software. Speak to us to find out more.

Is Loopel GDPR compliant


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Our people, your team. Our UK based people step in when your in-house team is either busy, unavailable, or if you are facing high-demand. We help you to keep your customers satisfied with friendly, professional, and hassle-free customer contact solutions.

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How can Loopel help your business

With Loopel, you can pick from a unique selection of services from telephone answering, 24/7 call handling, live web chat, social media engagement,telemarketing and fulfilment. Contact us to find out how Loopel can help your business.

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